An ATM’s Perspective

After a day as an airline professional when passengers have pushed my buttons assuming they are entitled to pots of gold beneath rainbows, made me ponder how it feels to be an ATM.… Continue reading

I’m Single, Not Sick…

This goes out to single friends following dreams, feeding adventurous souls until it is out of our system. “Once you meet Mr. Right, you will want kids,” put your hands up if you… Continue reading


Giddy we scurried down the jetway with seat assignments to Fiumicino, on our way to celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad. Prior to the familiar airbus zig zag napping shape, the flight attendant walked… Continue reading


Raindrops dodged my wipers in slalom shapes, her peak jutted through pea soup fog. Rainy weather did not deter instructors for a clinic week to polish skills, while discussing the seasons buzz words… Continue reading


The cancelation notice on my cell should have given the inclination it was going to be a travel day to remember. I was relaxing in Florida spending time with my brother. Flying standby… Continue reading

Oh, Deer!

Warm air blew across my feet, classic rock cut through the quietness of the back country road, the only things on my consciousness. My snow tires rounded the foggy corner that brisk fall… Continue reading

Fall Into Winter

Changing leaves embellish mountain ranges, cooler air dances across my skin. Both alert me autumn is approaching, prior to being mentally prepared. I cherish final seasonal rows as leaves surf puddles created by… Continue reading

Quarantined In Bermuda…

The Atlantic looked beautiful from my bubble shaped window, releasing my mind and body into island mode. Remaining in this dreamy state the landing gear extended, alerting me of my sweet reality as… Continue reading

If An ipad Could Do My Laundry…

By the time superstorm Sandy had flooded a portion of my favorite city Manhattan, my nerves were shot from watching the weather channel. It’s uncomfortable to be concerned for 98% of everyone you… Continue reading

24 Hours In Paris

Faster than you can spell au revoir, I hurried down the jet-bridge with my seat assignment to Paris. This was my first 24 hour solo transatlantic adventure, traveling standby as an airline professional.… Continue reading