Pandemic Reflections. May, 2020.

PANDEMIC = Psychological. Anxiety. No end in sight. Depressing. Erratic. Masks. Isolation. Change. Psychological My face is puffy from tears falling for humanity. My eyes are stinging, filtering emotional trauma that has been blocked for so long behind a busy life. When I blink enough salt droplets to fill a sea trickle down my mask.Continue reading “Pandemic Reflections. May, 2020.”

A Left Turn Landed Me In The ER With Grippy Fuzzy Socks

Attempting to stand my knee was a noodle. Ski patrol does not like knee noodles. I made a left turn, that was it. Time paused, I felt funky and fell, but had no pain. Something was off. I always wanted to experience the downhill sled method until it happened and I couldn’t physically stand. A pizzaContinue reading “A Left Turn Landed Me In The ER With Grippy Fuzzy Socks”

You Just Don’t Know…

You don’t know what a soul is experiencing as you pass their vacant expression. I was in shock, I had received a tragic call. I was in a gondola heading to a clinic that rainy Sunday, but my cell rang twice, catching my attention. My gut sank. Via voicemail, did my Mom say dead?! Their dane barked theContinue reading “You Just Don’t Know…”

Alto Progreso. A Shanty Town With A Ton Of Heart…

Scenery changed to dirt, our cab weaved obstacles, and uphill we climbed. The bumpy ride jolted not only my body, but the awareness of my surroundings. My jaw fell to the floor of our rickety cab, viewing a landscape that mirrored a Third World. Wheels halted at the base of a narrow stairway which climbedContinue reading “Alto Progreso. A Shanty Town With A Ton Of Heart…”

One Stent Opened Two Hearts

Ice cubes scraped sides of Styrofoam cups. Plastic gloves and open Johnnies. IV’s, hospital food, alarms and moving beds. Toilets slept beneath cabinets, alert button on remotes. Blood pressure sleeves inflated over a forearm black and blue… Cords beneath sheets, plastic clips upon fingertips. Thermometers. Machines on wheels and grippy fuzzy sock bottoms. Ice creamContinue reading “One Stent Opened Two Hearts”

Christmas Magic In Our Childhood Cabin

Dishes clanked beneath the quarter inch plywood under my pillow, as my Mom prepped for Christmas. Holiday dishes dosey-doed through sudsy water, below sleeping bag belly laughs. Wood stove heat rose through the grate, warming chilly Rudolph noses. Siblings and cousins of all shapes from different states, lay side by side beneath below zero bags.Continue reading “Christmas Magic In Our Childhood Cabin”