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A Left Turn Landed Me In The ER With Grippy Fuzzy Socks

Attempting to stand my knee was a noodle.┬áSki patrol does not like knee noodles. I made a left turn, that was it. Time paused, I felt funky and fell, but had no pain.… Continue reading

My Love (of syrup)

  Morning sun poured light over wooden porch beams, like syrup over a warm stack of pancakes. Warmth bounced into the kitchen where I met my first love…fancy grade A maple syrup. Golden… Continue reading

The Boathouse

City clock chimed 4, consciousness slowly aware of spring birds gently wishing me well, as warm air tickled my skin through open windows. The simple tones of feathered friends, and the aura of… Continue reading

Oh, Deer!

Warm air blew across my feet, classic rock cut through the quietness of the back country road, the only things on my consciousness. My snow tires rounded the foggy corner that brisk fall… Continue reading

Fall Into Winter

Changing leaves embellish mountain ranges, cooler air dances across my skin. Both alert me autumn is approaching, prior to being mentally prepared. I cherish final seasonal rows as leaves surf puddles created by… Continue reading