Pandemic Reflections. May, 2020.

PANDEMIC = Psychological. Anxiety. No end in sight. Depressing. Erratic. Masks. Isolation. Change. Psychological My face is puffy from tears falling for humanity. My eyes are stinging, filtering emotional trauma that has been blocked for so long behind a busy life. When I blink enough salt droplets to fill a sea trickle down my mask.Continue reading “Pandemic Reflections. May, 2020.”

A Left Turn Landed Me In The ER With Grippy Fuzzy Socks

Attempting to stand my knee was a noodle.┬áSki patrol does not like knee noodles. I made a left turn, that was it. Time paused, I felt funky and fell, but had no pain. Something was off. I always wanted to experience the downhill sled method until it happened and I couldn’t physically stand. A pizzaContinue reading “A Left Turn Landed Me In The ER With Grippy Fuzzy Socks”

Fall Into Winter

Changing leaves embellish mountain ranges, cooler air dances across my skin. Both alert me autumn is approaching, prior to being mentally prepared. I cherish final seasonal rows as leaves surf puddles created by my oars. Feelings emerge as if the trees and I mutually mourn summers finality. Canadian goslings have grown and explore more independently,Continue reading “Fall Into Winter”