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I Slept Under The Stars, On A Jerusalem Rooftop, Next To A Man With A Dolphin Tattoo

Sip Kosher wine, submerse toes into a Dead Sea bath, while I transport your imagination, beneath your yarmulke, to Jerusalem, Israel… The driver signaled my stop, with his pointer through the rear view.… Continue reading

Altitude And Gratitude

His words brought comfort but it was challenging piecing syllables together with clarity. Comprehension caused enough distraction to transfer my focus to the simple act of walking. Two little words: altitude sickness. Dark… Continue reading

Flight Fiascos Over Foie Gras

As abruptly as an F-16 takes off, people question my career at social gatherings. Despite wanting to pretend I’m a heli pilot in Switzerland or diving instructor in Australia, I admit I work… Continue reading

Waldorf v. Bean

Eyelids closed, soft like feathers as my weary travel head snuggled upon a fuzzy surface. Buffet ballads emitted from speakers, returning thoughts to concerts with my aunt at Jones Beach. Senses inhale Banana… Continue reading

Mardi Gras!

The E2 pulled to the curb as my depleted belly began regaining strength. Moments earlier I touched down in New Orleans to explore Mardi Gras for 24 hours. En route on a big… Continue reading


Giddy we scurried down the jetway with seat assignments to Fiumicino, on our way to celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad. Prior to the familiar airbus zig zag napping shape, the flight attendant walked… Continue reading


The cancelation notice on my cell should have given the inclination it was going to be a travel day to remember. I was relaxing in Florida spending time with my brother. Flying standby… Continue reading

Quarantined In Bermuda…

The Atlantic looked beautiful from my bubble shaped window, releasing my mind and body into island mode. Remaining in this dreamy state the landing gear extended, alerting me of my sweet reality as… Continue reading

24 Hours In Paris

Faster than you can spell au revoir, I hurried down the jet-bridge with my seat assignment to Paris. This was my first 24 hour solo transatlantic adventure, traveling standby as an airline professional.… Continue reading

Edinburgh’s Magic

It’s exhilarating to touch down in a new land among various accents of the world, and immediately immerse into the fabric of a new culture; chatting with locals, exploring crevices that suit my… Continue reading