Power To The Socks

I am convinced tiny colonies of mystery critters bounce into action laundry day, abducting favorite socks in the spin cycle. I give so much power to my socks to bring joy, which may be an issue but hey, they say awareness is the first step.

Speaking of steps, where I reside stepping outside without socks on during winter could cause black phalanges, so picking a weather appropriate pair is an important decision. It is also important what fun print or fuzzy material covers my ten lil’ piglets, mattering much more than healthy, I am sure. When my sock drawer opens, each pair obtains an associated memory spun into their very fabric. Memories return of gifts, teams or friends.

Should I match today? Perhaps I will wear my Mom’s handmade angora or wool pair plucked from pets when I was seven. Alpaca is also an option. Am I feeling the SmartWool, Darn Tough, holiday socks, merino, argyles, dancing socks, ski socks, nylons, stripes or solids? No one should become flooded with such emotion, expending this much energy contemplating socks, any hour of the day. Too much power to the socks!

Seriously, where do sock mates run off to? I thought I had commitment issues! Often I do laundry mindfully, checking the turny mechanism in the washer to ensure all socks captured, peeking for strays in the dryer. By the time I put them away it’s a complete mystery where my favorite sock twin disappeared. I hope my drawer isn’t uncomfortable causing suicidal tendencies, that would just be terrible.

Why do I keep socks for so long? Years, I tell you, years! Holes larger than heels, because I can’t bring myself to recycle due to their emotional attachment. I am not too proud to accept help for this issue.

I have a tough time keeping my lil’ guys chill free. Friends, if you discover magic material that seeps away shivers, please send samples. Until then, choose wisely and keep your ten cozy.