Inspiration In 26.2 Different Shapes

26.2, what a horrid number! I barely achieve twenty-six minutes under my sneaks when I hit the pavement. Running and I are not best of friends. I rarely remember to stretch, thus impact from the sidewalk shoots electric shocks up my shins. After shin pain dissipates, cardio ache jogs into my lungs. At the firstContinue reading “Inspiration In 26.2 Different Shapes”

Claustrophobic Popcorn

I didn’t pay $11.75 to hear your occlusals crunch kernels, and strain my neck bobble-head style to view the film. I cherish the movie experience. Two hours of peace from responsibilities and thoughts. Chest pounding audio, and of course the previews. I immerse myself completely in the experience, and enjoy going alone. It is aContinue reading “Claustrophobic Popcorn”