Oh, Deer!

Warm air blew across my feet, classic rock cut through the quietness of the back country road, the only things on my consciousness. My snow tires rounded the foggy corner that brisk fall eve, headlights fell upon a beautiful golden buck. His head lifted sporting a beautiful rack of antlers, halting him as I rounded the bend. I slowed to a stop to take in natures uncaged moment. His dainty hooves carried him across the pavement, like stilettos at a Bar Mitzvah. The only light for miles emitted from my vehicle severed the foggy evening air. Without a warning my moment in nature was about to be disrupted, the buck turned his nose, faced my car and charged at me like the bulls of Pamplona. My body frozen trying to decipher if I was in a rem stage or dreaming from exhaustion prior to a holiday road trip. Can’t a gal just take in some nature? Did my ride really look like a natural predator?! He came close when my body reacted, pulling the wheels to the right, startling him and deterring his gait to the side. In the corner of my eye I saw his golden lady, her color a replica of fancy syrup glistening in afternoon sunlight. My advice to you this holiday season, keep an eye out for attack reindeer!