Can we change the world by the power of our minds? I have come to realize so much of my reality is a result of my minds “script” playing on repeat, moving at a faster pace, somedays similar to a spiraling roller coaster. There are days I go through the pattern of life’s to-do list in a foggy haze of boredom. Possibly days without friends, play or adventure, similar to those tampons and toilet paper buying days…is there anything more silly than buying those items?! Seriously throwing your cash down the ….and surely not sharing any love with the environment. It’s those inside your belly rainy days that I have to remember to enter them with compassion, towards myself and others.

I frequent the same gas station not because the fuel is cheapest, or the store is shiny. I return because every single employee has taken extra time to talk to me, or commiserate we are working a graveyard shift, while others are out dancing. It’s those genuine type of people, not the executive who treats others as inferior, or the slimy salesperson doing what it takes to get their cut, that make me thankful and remind me I want to be that type of person. I surely don’t live in the Princess Brides “pit of despair,” but after working directly with people for over 5 years, and the amount of interactions where the general public don’t always utilize manners, occasionally takes a little hope away regarding humanity.

On the days I enter the workplace and consciously think to treat others with compassion in my heart vs: frustration, I find myself surprised at how good of a day I had. Despite the initial intention and conscious reminder to treat others with compassion, it was myself who gained. I have to believe compassion travels further than anger.

I have the honor of hearing the Dalai Lama speak next Saturday, following I will share his words with others. However, for this rainy night I am not dancing, I want to remind myself and others to think before reacting, and quite possibly tomorrow will be a day of increased hope, in all our hearts!