If An ipad Could Do My Laundry…

By the time superstorm Sandy had flooded a portion of my favorite city Manhattan, my nerves were shot from watching the weather channel. It’s uncomfortable to be concerned for 98% of everyone you know, by a storm you can’t control. Following hours watching the weather glued on my friends couch, it reiterated humans are notContinue reading “If An ipad Could Do My Laundry…”

In The Presence Of The Dalai Lama

My eye caught a glimpse of his robe, his slightly hunched shoulders, then his magnificent smile as he entered stage right.  The 14th Dalai Lama emerged into view, his sweet and humble personality shined through as he waved signaling the crowd to stop paying him attention, during the introduction.  The vision of him brought anContinue reading “In The Presence Of The Dalai Lama”

I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up! (part 1)

It was a blue sky day. Flights were running on time, sweet aroma from the coffee shop filled my senses. I was taking in this peaceful moment in the terminal, when a man walked up to our ticket counter and said: ” you lost my leg.” I’ve heard comments similar to: “these baggage fees areContinue reading “I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up! (part 1)”